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  • Image of Dream of this World Limited Edition CD
  • Image of Dream of this World Limited Edition CD
  • Image of Dream of this World Limited Edition CD

Dream of this World Limited Edition CD


Limited Edition Physical CD of Debut Release 'DREAM OF THIS WORLD' by Rachael Sessions

Physical CD mailed to your door in green sleeves, printed using 100% Green Forestry Practices board stock and high-quality vegetable based inks, with all original artwork to ignite the senses.
*Artwork & Graphics by Studio Manaslu
*Photography by Alyona Mindlin

Singing is my way to pray, my bridge to the divine, a way to find and create harmony within and around me. This album is an offering of pure gratitude for our family of plant medicines, for giving me the space to birth my voice, for the indigenous communities, for sharing these healing ways, for the web of family, friends, brothers, sisters, and children around me, and for the sweet Earth who holds us all. Thank you for bringing me home to the Great Mystery and the perfect unfolding of all things. This collection is designed to guide you on a journey inward, just as we are guided by vibration in our medicine ceremonies, and in the ceremony that is our lives. Buen Viaje! (Have a Beautiful Journey!)

:: These are ceremony sounds and songs. These are spirit gifts and spirit calls. ::
They have asked to expand and travel, to more hearts that the ones that can fit in the sweat lodge, tipi or ceremony hall, and that is the main reason why they are here now. I’m asking you to please take good care of these songs, and do so with all other sacred songs that you meet on your way. Listen to them in special moments and tune in. And in case you want to sing them in sacred circle spaces, learn them well, carry the tradition with love, taking care of their vibration and sacredness.
:: May the path of these songs be blessed. May they bring blessings to your life ::
released February 26, 2017

Vocals, Hand Drum & Sonaja : Rachael Rios Sessions /
Recording, Mix & Masterization: Juan Carlos Arevalo /
Instrumental Interpretation & musical production: Juan Carlos Arevalo,
all rights reserved