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  • Image of Ceramic Kuripe Self-Applicator
  • Image of Ceramic Kuripe Self-Applicator
  • Image of Ceramic Kuripe Self-Applicator

Ceramic Kuripe Self-Applicator


Ceramic herbal snuff applicators, handmade by Ben Suga in Upstate, NY.
Support Local Artisans!

They are used to administer herbal snuffs and powders such as Hapé.

Ceramic is a wonderful material for this purpose because:
- While somewhat delicate, quality ceramic is actually quite durable, and can handle extremes of heat and cold very well.
- Easily sanitized; Ceramic is very easy to clean, stain resistant and does not retain the residues and smells.
- The texture of ceramic surfaces is cool and smooth to the touch and pleasing to the eye.
- Ceramics are especially useful in areas with heavy moisture; Ceramic keeps these areas free from leakage, corrosion and mold.
- Excellent insulator of energy/electricity.

Please select the size of the kuripe you would like and the color may be black, red or white clay, with various design elements, similar to, but not exactly like the picture. Each one is unique and handmade.
Small and Medium are good for smaller, possibly female, faces.
The large fits a large average to large male size face.

Base design, similar, but not exactly like the image: $40

Images are examples. Each kuripe will be slightly different as they are handmade.