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  • Image of Sacred Hapé : Seven Different Varieties
  • Image of Sacred Hapé : Seven Different Varieties
  • Image of Sacred Hapé : Seven Different Varieties
  • Image of Sacred Hapé : Seven Different Varieties

Sacred Hapé : Seven Different Varieties


Purchase Individual Varieties by weight below.
5g/10g/20g glass jars available

Our favorite hapé tool (spoon) + pipe-cleaners to clean your tepi/kuripe.
This spoon is great for scooping out of the container and measuring the amount you need into your hand.

All our Hapé is received direct from the small communities where it is made, allowing for the highest economic compensation direct to the medicine keepers and their families.

Hapé is a legal tobacco, tree bark, and herb-based shamanic snuff, also known as rapeh, or rapé (pronounced rah-pay). It is a sacred medicine carried by indigenous tribes throughout South America, especially native to Brazil and Peru. Deeply cleansing and powerfully healing, it assists in grounding, opening and realigning the energetics of the chakra system, decalcifying the pineal gland and clarifying the third eye, clearing away mental confusion and negativity and reestablishing a conscious connection to Mother Nature, the breath and to Spirit. Engaged with respect and often shared in tribal council and ceremonies, this medicine is a trusted ally and an honored sacrament.



This healing hapé is good for infections of the mouth and throat as it is packed with Vitamin C content so it improves your immune system. This is our most medicinal snuff. It contains tobacco and ash from the Murici tree. This sacred tree is known for its medicinal purposes, such as inflammation, skin infections, coughs, and snakebites. Traditionally, it is used to clear energies that are stuck in the lower chakras. This hapé works the lower chakras and the depth of our insides. For deep cleansing, intended to draw disease from the body and mobilize states of energetic stagnation. It’s also good for social connection and relating to others.
Murici is a classic of the Huni Kuin or Kaxinawa tradition. A nice and simple hapé great for general use. According to the Huni Kuin, Murici hapé helps to fight fatigue and keeps ones spiritually active. Its action is associated with the joy of celebrating with friends.
Good For: Purgative/Physical Clearing/Blockages
+STRENGTH: Strong | SIZES & PRICE: 5g - $20 / 10g - $40 / 20g - $70

Prepared by the Huni Kuin tribe in Brazil and containing seven medicinal herbs including lavender, rosemary, chamomile, basil, plus a few secret ingredients and the ash of the Tsunu tree. This fragrant and clearing hapé is famous in the region of origin for boosting the immune system and its uplifting energetic properties. Please allow ample time and a quiet setting to work with this highly meditative hapé.
+STRENGTH: Very Strong | SIZES & PRICE: 5g - $25 / 10g - $45 / 20g - $75


The Yawanawá have shared that Tsunu hapé is primarily made for spiritual work and that it is both grounding and exploratory.
Two parts of the Pau Pereira tree are used, both the bark and the roots. To create the special properties of Tsunu hapé materials are collected on certain moons and the production is done while under the influence of Ayahuasca with special prayers.
The Yawanawá use Tsunu hapé for aligning, cleaning and grounding, thus balancing the energies in the body. The Pajé (or medicine men) in the Yawanawá would express this process as 'warding off evil spirits' or bad luck. Consider that when you are unbalanced it is much harder to manifest cleanly and clearly. Tsunu hapé is very nice to take prior to a meditation or a contemplation.
Good for curing headaches as well as colds, cleansing of the intestines and the thoughts. Hapé made with Tsunu can often be very invigorating and have a certain aromatic sweetness. Smoky, almost mesquite, flavors and very robust and well-balanced.
+STRENGTH: Strong | SIZES & PRICE: 5g - $20 / 10g - $40 / 20g - $70


Made in small batches by the Katukina tribe, this hapé contains ashes from the bark of the Pau Pereira tree (a close brother to the Txunú), a powerful medicine plant cherished by indigenous healers for its heart-opening properties and for removing energy imbalances (among many other medicinal uses). Pau Pereira is considered one of the 10 most important medicinal plants in Brazil and most of the benefits are related to the stomach and digestion (linked to the emotional body). Consider Pau Pereira when you wish to stabilize, ground and calm your anxiety and/or emotions. This hapé is recommended for experienced users, and in small doses, as it is very powerful and may provide extended effects.
+STRENGTH: Strong/Very Strong | SIZES & PRICE: 5g - $20 / 10g - $40 / 20g - $70

This powerful healing plant (Parika) delivers profound clearing effects and anti-bacterial properties, working to dislodge heavy or stuck energies in the physical and emotional bodies, as well as facilitate deep concentration. The Katukina consider Paricá (Parika) for "ceremonial use, taking it often during focused sessions of meditation or contemplation." This hapé is very sharp and strong; only a small amount should be needed to produce deep and purgative effects.
Paricá hapé is extremely well balanced and causes a deepening within oneself. Paricá awakens the study of the sacred, the connection with our ancestry, the cleansing of negative thoughts and of spiritual healing. The Paricá, or Yopo tree as it is also known, is a sacred tree whose medicinal properties have long been ritualistically used by shamans and healers.
+STRENGTH: Strong/Very Strong | SIZES & PRICE: 5g - $25 / 10g - $45 / 20g - $75

This full-bodied hapé is made with ash of Old Cinnamon (Canela de Velho), a sacred plant prized for its medicinal properties in alleviating chronic joint pain, arthritis, and other types of inflammation in the body. It is also said to bring a connection with ancestry, opening one up to allow access to ancestral memories and connections. Very aromatic and special.
The Katukina choose Canela De Velho when they wish to "work on the emotional body and when removing a person's repeated and/or harmful thoughts".
+STRENGTH: Medium/Strong | SIZES & PRICE: 5g - $20 / 10g - $40 / 20g - $70

Produced by the Amazonian tribe of the same name, the rare hapé made entirely from green plants has an intense green color and a deeply pleasant, fresh aroma that recalls the smell of the jungle after the rain. According to the tribe, it is produced from an herb known as Awiri, and its components are not burned or roasted, making it a “live” hapé. This medicine checks the energy of the individual’s body, bringing calmness, focus and concentration.
This hapé can be gentle in comparison to others that contain tobacco, which makes it an excellent tool for the times you want a more mild effect, for the beginner, or for those who would prefer not to work with tobacco as frequently. It of course also blends well with other tobacco's, hapé or ashes, to create a personal and unique blend. Very opening and deeply subtle.
Good For: Mental Clarity / Enhance Senses
+STRENGTH: Strong | SIZES & PRICE: 5g - $25 / 10g - $45 / 20g - $75
- Comes in and needs to be stored in airtight containers, such as glass containers or jars with lids. Please keep away from wet, damp and humid conditions, and away from direct sunlight.
- We recommend that a comfortable and safe space is always created before its application.

**Sold as ethnobotanical specimens and for incense making purposes. Not approved by the FDA for consumption and not intended for ingestion or to be used in place of medical treatment.

Three different ways of blowing:
The Yawanawa talk about 3 different ways to blow the hapé:
-short and strong: to wake up, get present
-long and strong: to clean the mind & spirit
-long, starting soft and strong in the end: for meditation, entering into trance, ceremonial use.

Spirit of Nature:
In some tribes, it is the women who gather the ingredients and make the hapé, and others are made by the healer of the tribe. Typically they are made in small batches with specific intentions for the ceremony or person being treated. These are very powerful, profoundly healing and cleansing on many levels. The use of hapé aims to connect one to the spirits of nature while invoking that power to bring about physical and spiritual healing.

Kuripe or Tepi:
Traditionally, it is administered through either the Tepi or Kuripe. The Kuripe is a for self-administration and the Tepi is used when blowing the snuff for another person. The V-shaped applicator or Kuripe, connects the nostril to the mouth. The Tepi is a long blow pipe that connects the nostril of the receiver with the mouth of the blower, who then blows the hapé into the nose of the receiver.
Purchase our artisanal ceramic KURIPE here:

Opening the Chakras:
In general, the tribes believe hapé facilitates the opening and clearing of the chakras, facilitates a sense of grounding and connection to the earth.  Some think it supports the release of disease from the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.  Furthermore some say that using hapé opens the third-eye chakra, decalcifies the pineal gland, clears mental fog and confusion. Finally it releases negative thought patterns and most of all it supports our connection to the breath and expands our connection to Spirit.