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  • Image of Sananga Drops: Strong & Mild
  • Image of Sananga Drops: Strong & Mild
  • Image of Sananga Drops: Strong & Mild
  • Image of Sananga Drops: Strong & Mild

Sananga Drops: Strong & Mild

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This sananga is homemade locally in small, sterilized batches, and is available in both mild & strong.

Fresh batch made in the dark of the new moon March 12-15, 2021.
(Regular $30, Sale based on use by date)

Use 1 drop in each eye, up to 3 times a week.
Elder recommendation: use within 3 months. Some say 6. Keep in the fridge.
Do not leave in direct sunlight.
Do not shake before use. Sediment is normal. Let particulates settle.
Do not share dropper bottles with others.
If you open and notice a foul smell, do not use it. Also do not use if there is ever any unknown objects or fungi floating around in your bottle.

Dropper bottle is now glass.
Bottle can be easily sanitized and re-used.

Sananga is a very powerful sacred eye medicine, which is made from a shrub called “Apocynaceae” from the Amazon jungle.

The beautiful spirit of Sananga assists us to deeply cleanse on the energetic, physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. Also, it assists us to unblock, re-align, open-up all the chakras, and release any stuck energy and sickness.

The bark of this special shrub’s root is used to make these sacred eye drops, which is traditionally used by the indigenous peoples to lift “panema” – it can be thought of as bad luck, depression, laziness, sadness, or negative energetic influences, which attract difficulties and disease. Several tribes in the Amazon use Sananga to improve their hunting skills giving them kind of a night vision.

On the energetic level, Sananga profoundly helps to open-up the inner sight, third eye, visions, activates the pineal gland, clears any mental confusion, releases negative thoughts, and deeply cleanses the whole aura from the inside out.

You only need 1-2 drops in each eye per session.
Please keep in the fridge and please DO NOT share dropper bottles with anyone.