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  • Image of You are a Temple Medicine Bracelet
  • Image of You are a Temple Medicine Bracelet
  • Image of You are a Temple Medicine Bracelet

You are a Temple Medicine Bracelet


Woven by a BEADWORKER family that walk the red road. Our work is inspired by THE SACRED MEDICINE OF YAGE. The pinta, the vision, and the healing that it brings to life to the people who live around this sacred plant and the ceremony, and also is inspired by the instruction of the way of life of THE CHANUPA. In this way, each article is a prolongation of the ceremonies where we dedicate our prayers and our deepest love. The beadwork we are presenting is the artistic manifestation of Yage, bringing with it the energy and the vibration of the sacred power for the people who wear this article. They are elaborated carefully and in a ceremonial way, because they are prayers from ONE MIND AND ONE HEART materialized, we hope you enjoy them.
Inspired by visions received during indigenous medicine ceremonies, these sacred pieces serve to help us remember our own vision. Allow your imagination to see the meaning within each piece and follow your intuition in choosing the one(s) for you!
Handmade by the women & children of the indigenous Kamentza & Inga communities in the Putumayo Regions of Colombia.

One of a kind. Unisex. One size fits most adults.
Black Cord. Seed Beads. Very strong, durable.
Width: 1.5 inches, beaded section: 6 inches long, Ties: 2.5 inches each

**All orders come with a free stick of palo santo!**
New Low Price! Same High Quality Artistry! WAS $40